Communicate Your Value 你的價值-由你做主

You are in charge of your professional reputation.
Show your value to the world.

Our services

What we do 拿多服務項目

Training 企業英文教育訓練

Coaching 一對一高階經理人英文培訓

Consulting 商用英文顧問

Workshops 英文工作坊

Our process

From Start to Finish 諮詢服務流程

Step 1: Testing 一、英文程度測試與分級

Step 2: Face-to-Face Needs Assessment 二、實際走訪了解學員需求

Step 3: Course Design 三、培訓架構設計

Step 4: Training 四、培訓課程

Step 5: Survey 五、企業與學員回饋

Step 6: Measurement 六、培訓後評量

Our Value

What makes us different 拿多獨家特色

Customized courses 企業『客製化』專屬培訓課程

Experienced trainers 外籍菁英顧問團隊

Industry knowledge 豐富的跨產業培訓實力

Project management 企業培訓專案承攬

Experience is Key 經驗致勝


Years in Business 年經驗


Completed Training Hours 已提供的培訓時數


Active Clients 合作客戶數


Trainers’ Average Years of Experience 顧問平均培訓年資